18 Декабря 2018
The engineers of the company "RETSIS" completed the delivery to the State Veterinary Service of the city of Novosibirsk.
19 Ноября 2018
Our company has started selling the new portable battery powered x-ray machines
12 Ноября 2018
There is an update in our showroom
In the updated showroom of our company you can get acquainted with the latest product samples, as well as get the detailed information about the software operation.

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(100 kV / 35 мА ,w. 13 kg. )with stand

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Developing machine

Developing machine Developing Machine

Modern automatic machine for development of medical radiographic film. The film is automatically detected as soon as it is fed. The film is developed, fixed, rinsed and dried. The application of easy-to-use microprocessor allows changing of processing conditions depending on different types of film and chemical agents. Temperature adjustment, circulation and automatic refill of developing solutions are available.

Operating mode
The developing machine ensures development, fixation, rinse and drying of films. There is a possibility of individual selection and saving in microprocessing control unit of temperature, processing speed and production rate for different types of processed film.

Automatic filling and heating
Upon machine activation the water tank is automatically filled with water and heating of baths for chemical agents is switched on. During the procedure there are two dashes on the display ". ." and temperature button of the developer blinks until the required temperature is reached. Two dashes mean that the machine is not ready for operation yet. Upon reaching of the set temperature the machine is ready for operation. Developer's button does not blink.

Standby mode
As soon as the film is processed the machine automatically goes into standby mode, in which constant temperature is maintained in the baths. Integrated circulation pumps ensure circulation of fluids in the baths and even distribution of temperature according to the volume. Every 20 minutes the program of crystallization prevention starts rollers which allow avoiding of formation of aggressive crystals on rollers inside the machine. In case of long-time operation in standby mode and upon expiry of the set time the control unit starts refilling cycle to prevent oxidation of chemical agents inside the machine (time refill).

Film registration
The design of special impulse reflecting light barrier prevents light-striking of the film even if it is sensitive to infrared radiation. When feeding the film the light barrier transmits the machine activation command.

Automatic compensation
When the film passes through baths the quality of developer and fixation is reducing, for that reason regular refill of the chemical agents is required. With the help of light barrier one measures the surface area of the processed film. After processing of about 2.5 sq.m of film refill cycle is activated. During the cycle the chemical agents are pumped from the refill container into the machine.  
The refill quality can be controlled by means of selection of refill rate.

Technical characteristics
- Film feeding: sequential pinch roll mechanism
- Film formats: Sheet width up to 45.1 cm (17.7 inches), minimum format of the film - 10x10 cm (4x4 inches)
- Capacity: 245 shots of 35x45 format per hour during 60 s cycle
232 shots of 24x30 format per hour during 90 s cycle
- Processing time: 1-5 minutes; adjustment in increments of 0.1 min.
- Linear velocity: 30-151 cm/min, depending on the selected processing time
Development time: 14-71 s, depending on the selected processing time
- Container capacity: 12.5 l of developer, 12 l of fixing agent, 13l of water
- Circulation system: continious circultion of developer and fixing agent by means of special pump
- Refill of chemical agents: Automatic, based on comparison of the film surface area with the area of processed film; the quantity is adjustable; time refill is available
Developer temperature: Adjustable, 28-40 °C
-Fixing agent temperature: Adjustable according to developer temperature with the help of heat exchanger
- Drying temperature: Adjustable, 35-70 °C, actual temperature depends on mains voltage
- Water supply: Permissible water pressure: 2-10 bar; permissible water temperature:
5-30 °C
-Water consumption: 1.9 l/min during processing
- Drain speed: 11 l/min
- Heat emission: Approximately 1.5 kJ/s during processing
- Environmental conditions:

1 Temperature: 18-40 °C, ventilated premise, temperature in the premise must be at least 2 °C lower than solution temperature
2 Relative humidity: not more than 80% at 31 °C,
linear reduction up to 50% at 40 °C is admissible
3 Altitude: not more than 2,000 m
4 Application only in premises
- Contamination level: 2
- Protection class: IP 20
- Electric connections: Model 212: 230 V±10 %, 50 Hz, 10 А
-Power intake: standby mode: 0.23 kW*h
- Processing: 2.4 kW*h
Weight (of the unit): Empty - 77 kg
- Filled - 115 kg
- Values with open work table
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 97x68x127 cm
-Occupied area: 0.67 sq.m (7.2 sq.ft.)
- Noise level: < 59 dB