18 Декабря 2018
The engineers of the company "RETSIS" completed the delivery to the State Veterinary Service of the city of Novosibirsk.
19 Ноября 2018
Our company has started selling the new portable battery powered x-ray machines
12 Ноября 2018
There is an update in our showroom
In the updated showroom of our company you can get acquainted with the latest product samples, as well as get the detailed information about the software operation.

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(100 kV / 35 мА ,w. 13 kg. )with stand

8 years of sales in Russia!!!

GDX 50/75

GDX 50/75
GDX 50/75 portable x-ray unit is a unique device combining radioscopy and radiography functions. It is equipped with small display transmitting images to the computer, which by means of simple software can be recorded to digital media or printed out.
The unit is indispensable in traumatology and orthopaedics for emergency diagnostics.

Technical characteristics and operating conditions
Work field size: 100mm
Working distance: ≤300mm
X-ray tube voltage: 35~70/90kV, direct current
Voltage deviation: ≤±1%
Tube voltage: 0.25~0.5mА, direct current
Current rate deviation: ≤±2%
Resolution: ≥>4LP/mm
Contrast: ≥4%
Brightness level: ≥10
Generator working frequency: 20KHz
Radiation amount: According to national standard GB9706.12
Operating Conditions
Temperature: 5Cº ~ 40Cº
Humidity: ≤80% 3.
Power source 220V±10% 50Hz~60Hz
Electric power consumption: 80W
Shape, dimensions and weight: length x width x thickness: 550×420×130 mm
Total weight: up to 5.5 kg

The cat examination

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