18 Декабря 2018
The engineers of the company "RETSIS" completed the delivery to the State Veterinary Service of the city of Novosibirsk.
19 Ноября 2018
Our company has started selling the new portable battery powered x-ray machines
12 Ноября 2018
There is an update in our showroom
In the updated showroom of our company you can get acquainted with the latest product samples, as well as get the detailed information about the software operation.

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(100 kV / 35 мА ,w. 13 kg. )with stand

8 years of sales in Russia!!!


PXP-60HF Maximum voltage of X-ray tube - 100kV
(range from 400 to 100 kV in increments of 1kV)
Maximum current of x-ray tube - 60mA
(range from 25 to 60 mA)
Maximum exposure mode - 100 mAs
(range from 4 to 100 mAs, 25 modes of mAs setting)
Focal spot - 2.0x2.0 mm
Power intake - 3.2 kW
Supply mains voltage 220-240V
Dimensions 430x270x300 mm
Weight 12 kg

The complete set includes

1) Stand
2) Metal case
3) Power cable
4) X-ray radiation activation cable
5) Operating manual in Russian